Christmas sky

The Melbourne skyline - this quick illustration was done for a colleague who wanted a Chistmas invite done for her sports group. They must be a girly bunch because they rejected my first design (first illustration) in favour of the third one. I must have a more dark and dramatic image of Christmas in my head! For me, Melbourne is very much the colour scheme of the first illustration during the summer time - especially when you're out at night. Midnight blue with a bushfire sky. It's bloody hot during Christmas time, and the city is heaving with dry heat before the skies inevitably open and clean us all down before the next heatwave hits. Lovely. This place where they're holding the event is right down beside the river, so it gets a nice cool hit in the evening - hence the lick of water in the illustration.

They all look nice, though. I've been having fun with new photoshop brushes.

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