Laserbird, prototype!

Just a wee obsession at the moment. Laserbird started as an imaginary bird/type of bird, based on a sound. It's been rolling around and getting some shape to it but one incarnation is definitely this crested pigeon-turned laser/cock-eyed crazed and camp thing. TBC, for sure.
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Mystic Pizza

Okay, so I am waaay out of whack, time-wise. This was done yonks ago, but ended up as a graphic in something I didn't like the overall look of, so I forgot about it. I discovered it again the other day, and I still really like it. I'm keeping it on it's own!

Old Mate, Copenhagen

My friend Elly is undertaking a massive adventure in Copenhagen and opening a cute little Melbourne style cafe that serves good coffee and simple eats. I was playing around with eyes and really simple type shapes and all of a sudden had a couple of sweet logo ideas and a whole alphabet! I like, a lot, I could do lots more of this.



A little thing, hopefully first of many, I've been working on with someone who's pretty good at making sweet plinky plonky sounds for cute colourful stuff!